Finclout is on a mission to improve knowledge of retail investors by operating a Web3 Social+ community platform in the form of a DAO. The problem that finclout is solving is that in today's social networks disinformation propagates quickly and scams and pump-and-dump schemes are rampant.

Current social networks don’t address this properly and are as a result noisy places where easy-to-consume, low-quality content is regurgitated and the crassest, loudest, and most outrageous wins. This makes valuable insights hard to find. But they are there. Smart people want their voice to be heard, but need to find the right audience. 

We believe that a modern social platform can be a clean, quiet, and informed forum where smart people learn from other smart people – without being boring. A platform where you can earn crypto by moderating and curating AI-matched content for other members in the community. Where your clout on the platform is not measured by the number of followers but by the quality of your contribution.