Bosonic Inc.

Founded in 2016, BOSONIC is a leading decentralized financial markets infrastructure "dFMI" company with offices in San Francisco, New York and London providing best-in-class infrastructure that eliminates counterparty credit and settlement risk in Digital Asset markets.

The Bosonic Network™ provides institutional clients with a patented solution that is custodian-agnostic, enables tokenization of assets and collateral, provides liquidity aggregation and DMA to the best Exchanges and Market-Makers, and at the core, runs real-time payment vs payment (PvP) atomic execution and settlement, with cross-margining, cross-custodian net settlement and payments.

The Bosonic Network™ is already delivering infrastructure that's reshaping the future of Digital Asset markets by eliminating risk and maximizing capital efficiency for Hedge Funds, Family Offices, Banks, Brokers, Asset Managers and other market participants.