Reverse is a Climate Change Crypto Project. Buy, use or sell our token and you’re creating a positive impact in the fight against climate change. We use the blockchain to verify and prove that. Track your own, verifiable data. Clean and Simple.

With Reverse we intend to reverse climate change by disrupting the trillion-dollar world of philanthropy. Reverse uses blockchain to solve some of the problems that are holding back other organizations:

  1. We are built to get EVERYONE involved by rewarding their participation financially and emotionally. And to make a real environmental impact, we need all to participate.
  2. We build a bond between donors and impact organizations through the Reverse DAO. When people trust, feel connected to, and see the change that their contributions are making, they are more likely to increase their participation.
  3. We attain loyalty and repeat engagement through the RVRS token (tax on all transactions), and the Reverse DAO (weekly voting and gamification).
  4. We accelerate and bring transparency to the entire process by building on Web3 innovations - blockchain, tokens, NFTs, smart contracts, wallets, and the governance of a DAO.