Cohen & Company


Audits, reviews and unique attest services, such as cryptocurrency audits and SOC readiness and compliance reports, provide assurance that an entity is compliant in everything from their financial reporting to data security practices.

But there’s more to our Assurance team than that. We are leaders and innovators in our field — working in prestigious national roles serving on the American Institute of CPAs’ Auditing Standards Board, Technical Issues Committee, and Dynamic Audit Solution Advisory and Stakeholder Group, to name a few. We stay ahead of client needs today while also helping shape the audit of tomorrow.


Collaborating with thriving, growth-oriented enterprises to help them maximize opportunities, and improve their profitability and efficiency is just the beginning when you join our Tax team.

As business and tax advisors, we go beyond compliance to help entities achieve what they want to, while always staying within the limits of the tax code. We offer the unique opportunity to learn basic to complex tax laws while working with a range of clients, from entrepreneurs and not-for-profit organizations, to real estate and investment industry entities (think mutual funds, hedge funds, etc.). Our tax gurus are renowned in their fields and hold top positions in the American Institute of CPAs and other industry esteemed organizations.


Working side-by-side with business owners and management teams to help them find ways to run leaner, plan better and execute on their goals can more than satisfy the intellectual palette. If collaborating on processes, technology and data management, or helping owners through the complexities of mergers and acquisitions fit your career aspirations, then take a closer look at our Advisory practice.

Large and small companies alike depend on our advisory team to guide them. Whether coming from a financial or business background, our employees make an impact in areas such as performance management, technology transformation, M&A due diligence, business valuation, and integration planning and optimization. We work closely with Cohen & Company’s Audit & Assurance and Tax teams, along with other outside advisors, to impact profitability and efficiency and maximize value for the client at every turn.

Regardless of which area you start out in, or which one your curiosity leads you to once you’re here, our employees have an entrepreneurial spirit that combines with their financial expertise to help clients solve business problems. You will have the opportunity to make client connections early on, build on those relationships, and take the lead on new initiatives and complex client issues. Our team-focused work environment provides ample opportunity for leadership in our firm and our communities from day one.