STOKR is the EU’s pioneering digital investment marketplace for alternative assets, where smart investors connect with and fund innovative businesses.

STOKR is the all-in-one solution for young and growing ventures and asset managers looking to raise capital in the non-US market. Operating out of Luxembourg, STOKR provides founders with the full suite of technical deployment, investment structuring, and compliance support for the issuance of EU-compliant security token offerings (STOs).

Through carefully selected high-profile offerings, STOKR fosters a risk-reduced environment, liberates investment opportunities from traditional venture capital, and directly connects visionary ventures to a network of professional and retail investors . STOKR allows investors to participate in the future success of a diverse range of ventures through profit- or revenue-sharing rights, without middlemen such as custodians or brokers.

We believe in better living through innovation. It’s the reason we get out of bed in the morning. Our vision is to create the leading marketplace where everyone is empowered to invest in alternative assets.