About Plan-M

 Plan-M is a blockchain marketing agency based in Europe. Our agency has specific expertise in creating highly-effective marketing campaigns to achieve exceptional results for our clients in Blockchain space.

Brand Builder position

Plan-M’s Brand Builders carry out different promotional campaigns.
As a Brand Builder, you will utilize your knowledge and experience in the digital asset space to promote our clients’ projects in crypto communities and social media, including Telegram, Twitter, 4chan, Facebook, Reddit, and Bitcointalk. In Plan-M we work as a team  to overcome challenges and boost synergy.

Requirements for the position:

- Advancd writing skills with the ability to create pro tech-y content.
- A deep understanding of blockchain, and specifically altcoins.
- Familiar with the culture of social media platforms (Telegram, -Twitter, Discord, 4chan, Reddit, Bitcointalk).
- Quality teamwork skills.
-Ability to brainstorm ideas to achieve better results in each platform
-Deep understanding of growth hacking (to avoid obvious marketing)
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