Clutch Wallet

Clutch is building a decentralized mobile wallet for women. 

We firmly believe that the future of finance will be decentralized, transparent, and open to all - attributes that form the foundation of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency but as it stands today, like traditional finance, women's participation rates in this growing industry and asset class are well below their male counterparts. Compared to men, we recognize that women have had less exposure to cryptocurrencies, and as a result, they occupy fewer positions in the industry. Furthermore, women have been noticeably less influential in the building, marketing, funding, and driving of the crypto industry.

Women have an opportunity to play a large role in the future of finance through the crypto asset class. 
At Clutch, we believe that the introduction of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will continue to transform the global economy and traditional financial market. Influencing culture, digital interactions, and identity, this industry, and investment class exists on the bleeding edge, as such, we feel compelled to provide women with an experience and a product that pulls them into the future of finance, and gets them a 'seat at the table'.