• Trelleborg, Sweden

As an artist I have always struggled with the payment of concerts or arranging festivals etc.

My direct feeling about learning about cryptocurrencys is that there should be a token for the music and art industry. A currency that the bigger artists can help grow so that it becomes stronger and that the smaller artists can become united altogether as a unit where the strong help the weak get more funded. 

Today the Artists have all their capital locked in at their promoting agencies or alike. and a couple of years ago my friends in the Cardigans and the Hives and some more artist all got the news of their money where gone since their managing firm had lended a large sum of money to the Hives and they where broke. all hell broke loose here in Sweden and they all lost a lot of money. to the point some one lended out their money without their consent and without a interest. if there were a token that united artists there would be a safer place for artists to store their value . 

kindest regards: Henrik Hoffer