At Donut, we empower anyone to build wealth through digital assets, so they can live better.

Today we’re experiencing a monumental shift in financial services from traditional banks to decentralized finance (DeFi). The days when financial tools served only elites and institutions are coming to an end—with DeFi, anyone can earn.

In today's world, the cornerstones of financial security—buying a house or paying down student debt—are near-impossible. At Donut, it’s our responsibility to arm a generation with the tools they need to achieve financial independence.

But DeFi should be simple. So we’re curating approachable, engaging opportunities to earn through an app that’s as easy to use as everyday financial services like Venmo or Wealthfront.

We believe that DeFi will create a more inclusive financial ecosystem, taking a slice out of traditional asset management for good. Our community of over 5,000 users are already leveraging DeFi to earn a fixed (4%) and variable (2-10%) APY. We’re building a world that empowers widespread financial independence and we’d love you to join us in realizing this vision.