Catalog is bringing value back to music by creating a suite of tools that give artists more autonomy, freedom, and earnings while removing intermediaries to create an equitable decentralized music network. Catalog records are a new ownership format for music that helps artists and fans unlock new revenue streams, distribution options, and experiences.

Since we launched (3/9/21), Catalog artists have generated over $200k for their music, with another $80k+ locked up in bids. We've worked with artists like EPROM, Mndsgn, Boyz Noise, Kiefer, VERITÉ, and more.

We’re an early-stage startup, a team of four music makers, and a remote company (US-based). We value the flexibility and independence each of us has to work within our own environments and schedules. We celebrate all ethnicities, races, cultures, genders, and sexualities and hope you'll join us :)