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Hi there,


You are a highly ambitious partner. Someone who has strong AI / Speech to text / NLP / Javascript / lean project skills. Block chain skills is a plus (smart contracts - Clarity / Blockstack)


I recently founded Fontainebleau Capital, a hedge fund start up, and exited my business in amicable terms. Prior to that, I created Wooepa, a web app, clone of Meetup, coded in Node.JS under the MEAN framework. It failed for lack of a solid business model.

Today, I am growing a language learning school online. It is inspired by Seth Godin's Alt-MBA. It's not your typical language school. Groups are limited to 4. We use a lot of streaming, recording and a private forum where members post their homework.

I'd love having a conversation with you, no strings attached. Are you against having a conversation with me?


Rapha Rodriguez


#1 We are a pioneer in user-owned forums. In a way, we are plugging open source forum-like software into the block chain.

#2 We empower teachers with powerful and accessible Artificial Intelligence tools.

#3 We create the first decentralized school ever and help redistribute the value to the real value creators while broadening access to education.


1rst Decentralized School

You are a highly ambitious partner. You are interested in cofounding an ambitious Ed Tech startup in the newly born block chain economy. You have extremely high work ethics.


We can together change the game and create the mechanics of a school online by defining the mechanics of the redistribution of the value shared of decentralized online schools.