Telcoin is a full stack financial platform built on ethereum and integrated with telecom and mobile money platforms globally, aiming to build the standard for Mobile Financial Services 2.0. Our launch product, Telcoin remittances, recently went live in Canada & the Philippines, is available in iOS and Android, and is integrated directly with GCash, a mobile money with 33.1 million active users.

In addition to remittances, Telcoin is working to ship a suite of high quality, affordable, and compliant end user financial products powered by ethereum and TEL holders to a mass market of users. 

TEL, the native asset of the Telcoin platform, powers financial transactions, coordinates liquid, TEL holder powered markets for end users, incentivizes telecoms to connect with & provide value to the TEL Ecosystem and Telcoin platform, along with numerous other exciting use cases we will be introducing in the coming quarters.