Alfa1 is a global leading crypto asset management firm. We aim to institutionalize the way of crypto asset growth by advancement of the algorithm and technology behind crypto ecosystem and blockchain.

Alfa1 is formed to expand access to the digital asset ecosystem while serving as trusted partners for clients and help client’s digital wealth outpace the growth of the crypto asset market with high compliance standards.

 In the past 3 years, Alfa1 have grown to manage a book of over 300 million USD AUM in varieties of crypto assets. We have assembled a team of aspirants from financial world and blockchain industry; The team is formed by skilled experts in their domains and blazing the path towards a broad participation in advanced intelligence in digital asset management.

 We support the full lifecycle of crypto investment, to provide holistic crypto-specific asset management solutions such as algorithm trading and decentralized-finance with hedging protections. Alfa1 clients invest by Bitcoin, Ether, USDT, and many other popular crypto assets through our full-service. Our customer base includes financial institutions, miners, founders, CEOs, crypto funds and wallets, as well as a broad array of crypto enthusiasts. We are backed by top-tier investors and are just getting started.